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One of the major keys to teeth whitening success comes down to the types of whitening trays you use. To comfortably get the best possible, most even whitening results in the shortest possible time with the least sensitivity – custom fit whitening trays are the way to go. This article outlines a number of benefits of using custom fit whitening trays over standard ones.

Standard Whitening Trays

Standard Whitening Trays

Custom-Fit Whitening Trays

Custom-Fit Whitening Trays

Custom fit whitening trays

Custom fit whitening trays are made specifically for YOUR mouth, so they fit YOU absolutely perfectly. By using soft, dentist quality putty, you can make impressions of your teeth at home that you can then post to Smile IQ so that our dental lab technicians can expertly make your custom fit whitening trays just for you. You get the same products that you would by visiting the dentist, only for a fraction of the price.

As custom fit whitening trays are created from impressions of your teeth,  they are super comfortable to wear and there is no chance of them falling out or moving around in your mouth. This is excellent news if you are trying to whiten your teeth quickly for a big event that is coming up. Custom fit whitening trays are so comfortable to wear that you won’t mind putting them in every day and you may even forget that you are wearing them!

It also means that when you place your whitening gel into your custom fit whitening trays, it stays exactly where it needs to, and it won’t leak out on to your gums possibly causing sensitivity. If you’ve ever had sensitivity from using teeth whitening products in the past, it is likely that not using custom fit whitening trays could have been the cause.

Custom fit whitening trays allow the whitening gel to coat your teeth evenly which ensure that your whitening result is even, so that each tooth becomes whiter with each application.

Standard whitening trays

Standard whitening trays come in a standard, generic size that can then be fitted to your mouth at home by heating them in hot water and then biting down on the trays to mould them to your mouth. This is easier to do for your top teeth than for your lower teeth and people generally achieve a better result with the top tray than with the lower one. If your lower standard whitening tray in particular doesn’t fit well, whitening gel can leak out on to your gums (due to gravity) and can cause sensitivity in some people. This can also occur with the top standard tray.

Standard whitening trays can feel quite large and uncomfortable in your mouth meaning that people tend to not leave them in as long as they had originally intend to. This can make the whitening process take longer as you’ll need to whiten on more occasions (for a shorter duration) to achieve your desired shade of white.

One benefit of standard whitening trays is that they are cheaper than custom fit whitening trays and they can be used straight away. This is why Smile IQ includes standard whitening trays in all our kits so that you can get a head start on your whitening if you decide to also purchase custom fit trays and need to wait a few extra days for them to be made.Benefits of Custom Fit & Standard Whitening Trays

The verdict

If you’re looking to achieve to dentist quality whitening results at home  for a fraction of the price, with comfortable whitening trays that you won’t mind wearing and that will make sure that your whitening gel stays on your teeth and not your gums, we would recommend that you go for custom fit whitening trays.

The Smile IQ Ultimate Brilliant Whitening System comes with a teeth impression kit to create custom fit whitening trays. See how easy it is to create your own teeth impressions for the custom-fit whitening trays. Click on the brochure to take a sneak peek!

Smile IQ Impression Kit Instructions